Korean food

If you want to serve different and various cuisine for some best moment such as when you celebrate your anniversary with your loved one and your children, even some invited people including your family member, Bulgogi can be great choice. This is made from good beef with some additional ingredients such as garlic and onion, soy sauce black pepper and other common seasoning (sugar, salt, and sesame oil). Due to this is very simple to cook, so after you prepare those ingredients, now you can try it

As most of us know, that Korea has great influence to other countries, so everything which comes from this country always becomes choices. Though this food is from Korea, but there is other name which is called as Yakiniku in Japan. So, what does make those foods are different? From the taste, Bulgogi is made sweeter, so if you like sweet food, now you can try this Korean cuisine


Kimchi is traditional Korean food

Travelling to some countries including Korea is very nice and un-forgettable moment, but if your goal is only to try Kimchi, so why should you spend time and energy for going to? As Korean traditional food, this is able to find at most homes in Korea, but if you want to try eating, the easiest way is by coming to Korean restaurant, especially the traditional one. That right, by current development, in some countries you can find Korean restaurant, which is able to find at some shopping center or mall.

Due to this is a fermented side-dish, so this is stored underground in jars to keep cool during summer months. Yes, after it is prepared with some seasonings, this is stored. This storage is traditional way, and then this will be un-frozen during summer winter. In Korea, there are some choices as main ingredient for Kimchi such as radish, scallion, napa cabbage, or cucumber.

Budae Jjigae

How Budae jjigae is invented

Spending holiday time in Korea is very great choice, but when you decide to take this as your destination, it is of course you should not miss each beautiful moment including eating food both traditional and modern ones. Budae jjigae is one of food which you should try when coming to this great country, where it is able to get it from some restaurant, even at hotel where you stay during holiday. Planning holiday in one place is not hard, but this will be painful for your head, so before going to your destination, now let you take clear information about that place. If Korea is best choice, so what do you want to know more about it and its cuisines? As first knowledge, as traditional cuisine, this dish is commonly made from soup with ham and canned meat. Even though this is made from canned meat, but this was being since the end of the Korean War when people's food shortages.

So, how cans this is invented? People, who did not have foods supply using excess food from the US military (ham and canned foods). They combined those foods with Korean cuisine spicy sauce spicy gochujang and then boiling in the large place. By the time, this becomes popular, so most restaurants serve this as one of main menu. Yes, though this is invented in the end of Korean War, but in this time there are numerous new serving by using some additional vegetables, mushrooms, instant noodle ramyeon, tteok, kimchi, macaroni, cheese and other ingredients. This makes each Budae jjigae from different restaurant has different taste and different appearance. So, when you want to try some traditional Korean foods and then you do not some good references, after reading this article, you know how to choose first traditional food to try.


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